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Are you looking for a snail repellent that consists exclusively of natural ingredients and is therefore also ideal for the organic garden?
We have the solution for you, your garden and your plants - our MiroPell snail deterrent.
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How does the snail deterrent work so reliably against snails?

The dry and sharp-edged texture effectively deters slugs - because slugs do not like rough surfaces. Our snail deterrent is an excellent way to protect your plants without adding any chemical compounds.
Our miscanthus chaff are tannic acid-free, manually sieved and dusted. They are effective against all types of snails on all types of vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants. The snail deterrent is non-toxic to your pets and also safe for hedgehogs, birds, earthworms and other beneficial insects. The snail deterrent can be used both outdoors and in the greenhouse of your garden.

How does the application of the snail deterrent work?

First of all, the planting area of ??your garden must be freed from weeds as much as possible by loosening the soil. Now completely cover the ground around the plants in your flower bed with our Miscanthus Shredders about 3-4 cm high. Then you have to moisten the bed in your garden once with a little water so that our snail deterrent is not blown away by the wind.
Our snail deterrent also keeps the soil in your garden moist and the beds weed-free. The snail deterrent is the ideal alternative to bark mulch and also an excellent source of humus for your garden.

Try our chemical-free alternative - for your garden, your beds, your pets and nature.

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