Natural fertilizer 6 kg in a practical reusable bucket

MiroPell natural fertilizer made from horse manure in pellet form

Horse manure in its best form: With MiroPell natural fertilizer made from horse manure, the soil in the bed is biologically and sustainably supplied with important nutrients and its structure is improved. MiroPell natural fertilizer made from horse manure is low-odour and available in a handy 6 kg bucket.

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MiroPell natural fertilizer - For a rich soil in the bed

Horse manure has been considered an excellent natural fertilizer for roses, vegetables and fruit trees for many years. Horse manure contains a high density of nutrients, plant fibers and natural nitrogen. A soil conditioner through and through. The only drawback: horse manure is difficult to store in allotments, city gardens and balconies. For people who have nothing to do with horses, fresh horse manure can also cause an odor nuisance. Our MiroPell development team kept all of these factors in mind when they were tinkering with our natural fertilizer.

At MiroPell, we aim to keep the entire biological cycle closed. And that also includes a sophisticated recycling of manure. We have therefore brought the horse manure into a handy pellet form. The pellets are odorless and conveniently packed in 2.5 kg and 6 kg buckets. So they fit easily in the basement, the garden shed or on the balcony.

MiroPell natural fertilizer - A bucket full of good properties

MiroPell natural fertilizer is your practical, biological helper in the garden. As an organic fertilizer, it supplies the bed soil with nutrients, improves structure, aeration and water storage properties. All this helps worms and microorganisms to supply the plants with the necessary nutrients. Fertilizing can be so easy and natural. You can see the success directly on your plants and you can certainly taste it at the next harvest.

MiroPell natural fertilizer - dosage

Our MiroPell natural fertilizer made from horse manure is available from us in two different sizes: as a 2.5 kg bucket and as a 6 kg bucket. The buckets are made from recycled plastic and can be reused.
For an area of ??10 square meters you need about 3 kg of MiroPell natural fertilizer for sufficient fertilization. Exactly how much fertilizer is needed depends on the plants that are to grow in the bed.

MiroPell natural fertilizer - the advantages at a glance


  • 100 percent natural and organic
  • Natural fertilizer made from horse manure
  • Improves soil structure
  • Soil can store water better after fertilization
  • Soil is supplied with all important nutrients
  • Low odor and handy
  • Easy to dose due to the pellet form
  • Can be stored well
  • Consistent

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