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MiroPell Pellets - Miscanthus bedding for horses MiroPell Miscanthus pellets are the absorbent bedding alternative to straw, wood chips or wood pellets. MiroPell forms a dry, absorbent, non-slip and pH-neutral box mat. MiroPell is naturally low in dust and therefore also ideal for horses with dust allergies.
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MiroPell - The highly absorbent alternative to straw and shavings

Our miscanthus bedding is an absorbent, low-odour and pH-neutral alternative to straw, shavings, wood and flax pellets. MiroPell is therefore particularly suitable for horses that suffer from a dust allergy, eat too much straw or suffer from a hoof disease. Detailed instructions for use can be found on our website.

MiroPell - Good air in the barn

MiroPell is very productive as box bedding. The pellets, which are about two centimeters in size, swell when combined with liquid and result in a fluffy, non-slip mat, similar to a forest floor. Due to the high level of moisture retention, your horse stays dry in its box. MiroPell is naturally dry. So that even a horse suffering from an allergy or a lung disease can stand on MiroPell bedding without hesitation and breathe freely. The high level of odor retention prevents ammonia gases in the barn and therefore also ensures good air. The Miscanthus plant is one of the largest CO 2 converters in nature. Even before the harvest, our Miscanthus ensures good air.

MiroPell - The bedding alternative for overweight horses

Our miscanthus pellets are particularly suitable for horses that tend to eat too much straw. Miscanthus gives your horse a sour aftertaste - comparable to biting into a lemon. You have to be into this taste if you want to voluntarily enjoy it several times.

MiroPell – good and cheap disposal

Chips tend to acidify. Therefore, it is now very reluctant to be disposed of by farmers and biogas plants. Our Miscanthus litter, on the other hand, is pH-neutral and can therefore be fully utilized by the soil and the biogas plants. Even more: Miscanthus is a good fertilizer for the field.
Since only the horse droppings have to be mucked out in the horse box every day and very wet spots have to be dug out, the working time and the amount of manure are reduced enormously.
The entire mat only has to be changed once every six months. Our pallet with 44 sacks (660 kg) MiroPell litter has the dimensions 80 x 120 centimetres. Hardly any other bedding alternative will require less space for the box bedding. You can find detailed instructions on how to use MiroPell and the quantities required to make a base mat.

Miscanthus does not provide an environment for pests

We grow our Miscanthus ourselves, harvest it and process it into our MiroPell pellets. From the planting to the finished product, you receive everything from a single source. Immediately after harvesting, the Miscanthus chaff has a residual moisture content of around 10 percent. This small amount of moisture is removed during the pressing process, resulting in a pellet that does not provide a living environment for harmful germs, fungi and bacteria. MiroPell also offers this property when swollen as bedding in the horse box. Detailed instructions on how to use MiroPell for the first time can be found on our website.

MiroPell advantages at a glance

  • Improvement of barn hygiene
  • Good barn climate
  • Contributes to the health of horses with lung problems
  • Dry box mat
  • Contributes to hoof health
  • Small storage area compared to shavings and straw
  • Pure natural product, raw material miscanthus (elephant grass or Chinese reed)
  • No additives
  • Miscanthus is good for the climate even before it is harvested - it converts tons of CO 2
  • High suction power
  • Less crap
  • Less working time for crap
  • High odor binding of ammonia gases
  • PH-level neutral
  • Easy to dispose of in fields or biogas plants
  • Good fertilizer for the field

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