Miscanthus litter for Cats 10l

MiroPell Premium - Miscanthus litter for cats

MiroPell is Miscanthus in pellet form and is an absorbent, versatile, natural bedding alternative to bentonite, silica gel and wood shavings. Miscanthus is naturally dry and can absorb up to 400 times its own weight in liquid. In addition, the MiroPell premium pellets bind odours, are low in dust and do not offer a livable environment for vermin - perfect for a hygienic litter box.
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MiroPell Premium - Hygienic miscanthus litter for the litter box

Anyone who has ever observed cats closely knows that they are meticulous about cleanliness. They are born with a cleaning instinct and have a very sensitive nose. Compared to humans, they perceive smells more sensitively, intensively and quickly. So they are true hygiene professionals and also want to have a hygienic, dust-free toilet. We took these thoughts into account when developing MiroPell Premium cat litter. Due to its natural properties, miscanthus is almost predestined as a raw material for cat litter. When harvested, our Miscanthus chaff already have a residual moisture content of no more than 10 percent. So you can casually say: Miscanthus is naturally dry - and produces very little dust. The remaining moisture escapes through the pellet pressing process and pellets are formed that can absorb up to 400 times their own weight in liquid.

MiroPell - A clean litter box has never been so easy

For the litter box, this means that you empty the litter box every two to four weeks at most. Every day they only remove the droppings and very wet areas and sprinkle them with fresh pellets. In this respect, waste is reduced many times over. In addition, the Miscanthus pellets can also be used as fertilizer for the garden bed, since Miscanthus has very good humus properties. Compared to conventional, mineralized litter options, MiroPell Premium cat litter is 100 percent biodegradable and can therefore also be composted. Please observe the applicable disposal regulations in your region for disposal in the organic waste bin or with the residual waste.

Thanks to the high suction power and good odor control, you can create a new feel-good atmosphere for your cat with our MiroPell Premium cat litter. Since the pellets are low-dust, you don't have to worry about your velvet paw's sensitive mucous membranes. Our miscanthus pellets are also 100 percent natural and contain no additives. This cat litter does not attack your cat's velvety paws.

MiroPell – Miscanthus pellets unattractive to bacteria

Miscanthus has the inherent property of not providing a livable environment for pests and bacteria. The pellets are pH neutral and remain so during use. Bacteria and pests can no longer find a habitat in your cat's toilet.

MiroPell Premium – Environmentally friendly from planting to bedding

We grow our Miscanthus ourselves and process it directly into our bedding pellets after harvesting. We always keep an eye on the complete value chain. Our plants are not fertilized as Miscanthus has the natural ability to fertilize itself. In winter, the dried leaves fall off and crumble into humus on the ground. Miscanthus does not need more fertilizer. In April we harvest our Miscanthus plants. Up to this point, the Miscanthus plants have converted tons of CO 2 . A plant can hardly be more climate-friendly. The chaff already have a residual moisture content of almost 10 percent. During the pressing process, this moisture is removed and therefore makes the MiroPell pellets an unattractive habitat for any harmful germs, fungi and vermin. In addition, the chaff are dedusted three times so that they no longer have dust.

MiroPell Premium – Miscanthus bedding works that easily

First, clean the litter box of the previous litter and wash the container well as usual. Then fill 5 to 7 centimeters of MiroPell Premium cat litter pellets into the container. That's it! In order to maintain hygiene in the litter box, the cat faeces should be removed daily and particularly wet areas should be cut out and replaced with fresh litter pellets.

MiroPell Premium – The advantages at a glance

  • Improving hygiene in the litter box
  • Contributes to the health of the cat
  • Dry, antiparasitic litter box mat
  • Good litter box climate
  • Pure natural product, raw material miscanthus (elephant grass or Chinese reed)
  • No additives, 100 percent natural
  • Very economical: the litter only needs to be changed once or twice a month, depending on requirements
  • Miscanthus is good for the climate even before it is harvested - it converts tons of CO 2
  • High suction power
  • Significantly less waste
  • High odor binding of ammonia gases
  • PH-level neutral
  • Easy to dispose of in beds, greenhouses, organic waste bins or residual waste
  • Good fertilizer for vegetable or garden beds

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